cool typography

This is some typography by Sebastian Lange. The song is by Forss. Really cool stuff. Watch it in HD.


google maps typography

I thought this was really cool. Land typography by Rhett Dashwood.

Via Booooooom.com


U-N-I - Hollywood Hiatus

New video off of A Love Supreme.


I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

"Some of my hobbies include being a black belt in kung fu"


Kanye West on South Park

hahah this was hilarious.
They even copied Don C's, Fonsworth Bentley, Taz Arnold, and Chris Julian's outfits from the Commes de Garcons show in great detail!



I got braces the other day.
I hate them. I can't even eat comfortably and I look like a retard.To show my frustration towards all the haters I made this special video just for you guys. Enjoy. Shutup assholes.


Kehinde Wiley

Painter Kehindre Wiley is bringing his solo exhibition, The World Stage: Brazil, to the Roberts and Tilton gallery in Culver City. Inspired by Mao era propaganda, Wiley recruits young black males and arranges them in various power poses reminiscent of communist posters. For his trip to Brazil he imitated statues of city officials and nationalistic sculptures.
Check out some of his work here.


U-N-I - A Love Supreme

U-N-I's album, A Love Supreme, dropped yesterday. What can I say, U-N-I does it again. Following the release of 2007's Fried Chicken and Watermelon, U-N-I set the internet on fire with the release of a couple of videos. After garnering much attention, and rightfully so, U-N-I set their sights to their follow up along with producer Ro Blvd. A Love Supreme is an album that celebrates life and positivity without sounding preachy. It celebrates cool without being corny, basically what hip-hop should be. Put dope rhymes and production in the mix and you've got a solid album. You can stream and download it for free at yothurz.com.
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