2009 is over. I really don't have much to say about this year.
Met alot of cool peoples, met someone really special, had some fun.
Still growing, painfully slow at times.
Here's to hoping 2010 will be better.




Salazar- Wizard Smoke

Really cool skate video. Diggin' the concept/cinematography/music/slo-mo. THAT SLO-MO <3



This is great.

Charlotte Gainsbourg/Beck- Heaven Can Wait
So random. Really makes me wonder how they came up with some of these ideas.






Too Young by Phoenix, I love this song.
I should update this more often :\


The Pharcyde- Passin' Me By

"I think I need a prayer
to get in her boots and it looks rather dry
I guess the twinkle in her eye is just a twinkle in her eye
Although she's crazy steppin, I'll try to stop her stride
Cause I won't have no more of this passin me by"

This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite groups of all time, The Pharcyde. Everything about this song is amazing; the beat, the lyrics, the flows, and Fatlip's legendary verse to finish it off. It also has a great video. That shot where the group is hanging upside down with the L.A. skyline in the background; incredible. Anyways, this song has really helped me a lot on many occasions and it sure came through for me today. Now that school has arrived once again I am ready to shake off this summer laziness and get back to doing some REAL work.


Air Jordan III's (True Blue)

I used to have the original retros of these for a little while a couple years ago. They were beat. Jordan Brand re-retroed them recently but to much dismay they were an international release only. Meaning they would mostly be sold outside of the U.S. Either way I want these really bad. They are probably my second favorite shoe (that I don't have)of all time behind the fire red III's. Just a classic shoe.


Touche Amore

"This city is trash, and it's always moving
This city is shit, I wanna see it in ruins
It's clientèle represents hell
Buy your way in, sell yourself short

Touche Amore performing "Negotiating the Charade".
I wish I was there that day. It was the night of my senior prom too. Such a great band. Great lyrics, music, raw emotion, ughh just amazing. I loved their 2008 demo so I recently downloaded their LP "...to the beat of a dead horse", such a good album. The new songs are raw and the re-recorded songs sound so much grittier. I'm definitely gonna purchase it. Check them out on myspace.


(picture has nothing to do with the quote, I just thought it was cool, lolz. But if you see a connection then go right ahead.)


new new new new new

Hello and welcome to the brand new ABNC.

Things are about to get more random.

actually nothing's really changed.

I just decided to re-design this because I was really bored and had nothing else to do today.


ps. I also put up a new playlist. ^


Nike Sb Video

A day in the life of Paul Rodriguez.

Dope video with cameos from Eric Koston, Kobe Bryant, and Ice Cube.
I just wish they hadn't chopped ice cube's song up so much.


Paul D’Amato

Scoped this out over at booooooom.
Great stuff.
Check out Paul's work here.


Go ahead and watch this video if you have 10 free minutes to spend and don't have a hefty object within grabbing distance that you might be urged to hurl at your monitor. I say this because listening to Pat Buchanan's blemished logic might just make you want to lob obscenities at your computer and tear your hair from its roots. Just knowing that some people in this country still hold sentiments of this kind really makes people wonder; how far have we come?
Poor Ms.Maddow sensed that Pat Buchanan was about to fire a shot at Sotomayor so she decided to swiftly change the subject of the conversation to affirmative action. Unfortunately for her this only diverted Pat's nescience to a broader subject and didn't spare us from catching quite possibly one of the most awkward dialogues in recent history. I sure am glad Rachel ripped him a new one. I know she's off limits for my end of the spectrum but she sure did look mighty spicy in this clip. wowzzers me-ow



I haven't posted anything in forever.
I'll try to post more.
I've been listening to a lot of Cam'ron lately.
Maybe too much Cam'ron actually.
This is two years old and I still find it hilarious.

I also saw the "Santana's Town" parody the other day and thought it was genius.

Why am I blogging about old dipset shit?
I'm that bored I guess.
I should be doing an essay on Hamlet right now.
Oh well. More updates coming soon.


The Thrill Lives On

Michael Jackson died yesterday. Probably the biggest passing I have experienced, the death of Michael really hits a chord for me. My parents are both huge fans and Michael's anthems were regularly played in my house when I was young. Michael lived an extraordinary life, one that had it's share of highs and lows. I can only hope that his death will bring about a shift of focus away from his flaws and more towards his achievements. This is the death of an icon and possibly the last music superstar of this stature. No one since Michael has been able to replicate his success or universality, His music just oozed perfection, from songwriting to the instrumentation, to the substance and moral and musical value. Not to mention he was the gold standard when it came performing. He was undeniably the King of Pop, I'd even go as far as to say the King of Music. Even though he is gone, we still have the music that he made, and boy is that a statement in of itself.

Michael Jackson, Rest in Peace.


o hai.

New pac-div video for "Mayor". About time guys, I've been bumping this song since February. Everything about this video just screams Los Angeles to me. I love it.

The Clipse. What can I say about these guys? One of my favorite hip-hop groups of all time and with Kanye behind the boards, you just know it's gonna be a classic. 'Til the Casket Drops drops sometime in September. Is it weird that I'm anticipating this one more than the new Jay-z or Wu albums? Not at all.

Dope paintings by Eric Zener via BOOOOOOOM

I'll be back.



I finished my first year of college today. 11 classes down, a bajillion more to go. This last semester was probaly the most stressful semester I've ever had. Since Monday I slept a total of about 7 hours. Sooooo tired. I can't even write anything remotefully involved because my brain is exhausted. The Lakers won one of the craziest games ever tonight and life couldn't be any better. I just thought I should write down the feelings I am experiencing right now because they don't come around very often.


Friday "morning"

Every Friday morning I sleep until 12 o'clock noon. Every Friday morning my dog sneaks into my room, hops onto my bed, and uses my foot as a pillow. I don't think there's anything better that I can wake up to. You could argue; "What if a hot supermodel sneaked into your room, hopped into your bed, and used your foot as a pillow?" That actually has happened to me before. It's not as good, it's just not as good. I love my dog.

Next week is the last week of my spring semester. Last week was one of the most stressful weeks ever. I think I slept a total of 9 hours over 4 days AND I still have a bunch of work to do.

I downloaded Dom Kennedy's mixtape, FutureStreet/DrugSounds about 3 weeks ago. It's actually really impressive. While he might not be the most lyrical of the bunch, his delivery and flow more than make up for it. Perfect car music. "Menace Beach" is bananas. The beat on "Hellagood Intermission" might be the most chill beat I've heard this year. Check it out on Imeem.

This is the work of Anthony Davis. The lighting in some of his shots is just amazing. Really great stuff. One of my favorite photographers. I especially love this set.



I've been a Laker fan since I was 5 years old. I've been through the ups and downs with them. They are my team. Nothing else makes me happier than watching this video.

I always say I'm gonna update this blog more often but I hardly ever do. I think once the semester ends I'll be able to post more. From now on I think I'll post random art and photography I find on the internet and hopefully you will appreciate it just as much as I do.(click the picture to go to the artist's site)


Been listening to this song for like 2 months straight.

I should update this more often.


and many more...

So I turned 19 the other day, and it sure got me thinking.
19! Most people see their 18th birthday as the gateway to their future. I was too caught up with prom/AP's/finals/graduation to even realize that I had hit a milestone.
But now I'm 19.
I mean, I'm a full blown adult now, drinking privileges aside. The problem with that is that I'm not sure I'm prepared to handle the responsibilities that come with adulthood. I have the basics down, but there are certain minutiae that still irk me. While I'm not particularly daunted by the future uncertainties I will surely face, I feel like I'm not on track to adjust to them. Deep inside, hiding under all the machismo and bravado, is a kid, one that is still scared of the real world, no matter how much confidence I think I exude. I don't know why. I feel like I'm behind and I have much to catch up on. Thankfully, I still have three(maybe more -_-) years of college left. Three more years to learn, to grow, to adjust. Three more years until I step into the "Real World". I hope these three years will act as a formative phase, one that will see me emerge as a man, my own being, and the person I will be for the rest of my life.
But I am lazy.
Instead of stacking my sandbags, I prefer to reminisce on my past. Senior Year. Highschool. Being a care-free teenager. Hanging with my friends, neighbors, neighbor's friends, friend's neighbors. Generally not giving a fuck. Childhood. Always the procrastinator, I force myself to mature. While it will not be easy, I am positive that I will come through. I am ready now, or at least I think I am. Only time will tell. Soon I will rub off the "teenager" stamp on my forehead and replace it with a big fat "adult" one. Hopefully in Impact, size 64.



the Lakers.

I love them.
Even though they make me mad sometimes.
That is all.
I should update this more often.

also, check out this video.
It's my favorite youtube video of all time Yooouuutuuube-ified.
goodnight y'all.

ps: artest sucks
ps: boston sucks too
ps: bron bron get ready


cool typography

This is some typography by Sebastian Lange. The song is by Forss. Really cool stuff. Watch it in HD.


google maps typography

I thought this was really cool. Land typography by Rhett Dashwood.

Via Booooooom.com


U-N-I - Hollywood Hiatus

New video off of A Love Supreme.


I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

"Some of my hobbies include being a black belt in kung fu"


Kanye West on South Park

hahah this was hilarious.
They even copied Don C's, Fonsworth Bentley, Taz Arnold, and Chris Julian's outfits from the Commes de Garcons show in great detail!



I got braces the other day.
I hate them. I can't even eat comfortably and I look like a retard.To show my frustration towards all the haters I made this special video just for you guys. Enjoy. Shutup assholes.


Kehinde Wiley

Painter Kehindre Wiley is bringing his solo exhibition, The World Stage: Brazil, to the Roberts and Tilton gallery in Culver City. Inspired by Mao era propaganda, Wiley recruits young black males and arranges them in various power poses reminiscent of communist posters. For his trip to Brazil he imitated statues of city officials and nationalistic sculptures.
Check out some of his work here.


U-N-I - A Love Supreme

U-N-I's album, A Love Supreme, dropped yesterday. What can I say, U-N-I does it again. Following the release of 2007's Fried Chicken and Watermelon, U-N-I set the internet on fire with the release of a couple of videos. After garnering much attention, and rightfully so, U-N-I set their sights to their follow up along with producer Ro Blvd. A Love Supreme is an album that celebrates life and positivity without sounding preachy. It celebrates cool without being corny, basically what hip-hop should be. Put dope rhymes and production in the mix and you've got a solid album. You can stream and download it for free at yothurz.com.


colombian devil's breath

Check out this cool documentary on Colombian Scopolamine. This drug is supposedly a roofie times a million combined with anthrax. Serious Business. Watch all 9 parts of the documentary, you wont regret it. Specially the last part, when some guys talks about his experience with the world's deadliest drug. It gave me the chills.

Courtesy of VBS.TV


Can't keep running awayyyyy

So yesterday at school I got the most undeniable urge to listen to "Runnin'" by the Pharcyde. I don't know why it happened. I was just in the library and the chorus just creeped into my head and I HAD to listen to the song. Surprisingly it was in my Ipod which is very strange because I don't remember ever downloading it. Fatlip and Tre's verses are crazy, goddman I love that song.

So MF Doom's....err, I mean DOOM's new album, Born Into This, leaked recently on the web. If you've never heard any of DOOM's material, you are missing out. Many people call him an "acquired taste" but once you take the third bite, you are hooked forever. This guy is a genius and the new album is nothing short of perfect. In my opinion it's way better than MM...FOOD? and on par with Madvillainy. Born Into This hits stores on March 24th.

Also Check out Kid Cudi on Carson Daly's show.


just another day pt 4

Another week down.
I can't believe I'm already a fourth of the way done with the semester. I'm still adjusting, still learning, and I have a long way to go. School is great but it's a lot of work. I should have probably taken one less class since I am being shot from all angles with homework. I will survive, but I think once June hits I will be in dire need of a vacation.

So there is this girl at school. I don't know what it is about her. I want to talk to her and I'm really close to striking up a conversation to her. I'm not creepy though but she is special. Every time I see her I swear to god the sax solo from Careless Whisper plays in my head. Every time she looks my way(in slow motion of course) I can hear George Michael singing; "I'm never gonna dance again/
duh duh dum du dum no rhythm/
something something something to pretend/
I know you're not a foolllll."
fuck, hahahaha.
I'll keep ya'll updated.

I haven't been feeling like myself lately.
I don't know what it is.It's like my body is here but my head is elsewhere, like if my head was replaced by someone else's.
Kinda like this.But to a greater extent.

I'm gonna update this blog more frequently, well when i get the time. Fuck school.
I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.