Edward Colver

Edward Colver is a photographer from California. He is responsible for documenting the Los Angeles punk rock scene in the late 70's and early 80's. He is one of those photographers whose images you have seen countless of times yet had not realized it was his work. His work has been featured on over 250 album covers, including some of my personal favorites.

Recently, Reserve LA held an exhibition to celebrate Mr.Colver and his photographs, along with releasing a collabo line of t-shirts titled SPECIAL EDWARDCOLVERITION TEES.
Check out a few of the shirts.


Kid N' Carlos

My friends used to tell me that I looked like Christopher Reid from Kid n Play and all those House Party movies. What the fuck?


Mason Proper- Rest Up

I really love this song but I can't find it anywhere else other than Itunes. Oh well, thats what credit cards are for right?

This song is off the Shorthand EP. Their new album, OLLY OXEN FREE, will be out 9-23-08.


Mystery Jets- Disco Elizabeth (feat. Kate Nash)

Here's a bit of the disco version of their song "Half in Love with Elizabeth".

I personally like the original version better but this one is not that bad.


Supreeme- I'm Crazy

Supreeme is a hip-hop trio from Atlanta.
Check out their new song "I'm Crazy" on their myspace.

Or watch the video here

Yo the video is straight vhs low budget but these guys don't give a fuck, and that sample is dope.


First day of school.

Today was my first day at El Camino College. What can I say? It wasn't that bad. Classes seem pretty chill and I didn't even get lost. The only negative thing I can say about today is the heat. God damn it was hot. I feel kind of silly going to school in a tank top so I had to take a button up since all my t shirts were dirty.

Now I have to wash clothes.
And buy books.
And buy art supplies. (seriously, 6 fuckin different types of pencils?)
Oh,and work on my present and past tense.



I'm Ready.

It's Sunday and I just got home. I left at about 4:00 P.M. yesterday for Raul's birthday party, had a pretty crazy night, and went to a ton of stores today with the friends. The only thing is that I start college tomorrow and I am not prepared at all. I don't have any books, my school I.D, or supplies. I don't even have a backpack!

The weird thing is; I'm not stressing at all.

For a long time I stressed about everything. I'm serious, EVERYTHING. Every single decision in my life could only be carried out after many hours of contemplation, and even then I would still worry about all of the minute repercussions of my actions. I couldn't talk to a girl without first analyzing all the possible ways in which I could be rejected, humiliated, or embarrassed. Living my life like that has led me to a lot of regrets, but I think I'm ready to change all that. It's not that I'm being irresponsible, I just want to stop stressing out about things. I want to change the way I live. I want to go with the flow. I feel like I can still balance my priorities while letting go of all the things that worry me. So even though my first class starts in approximately 12 hours, and I don't have any idea what to expect, I'm not stressing.

Fuck it, I'm ready.


T.I. f. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne - S.L.U. (Swagger Like Us)

T.I.? Check. Hova? Check. Weezy?Yeezy? Check. M.I.A. Sample? Check.

Now that's a recipe for success.

Peep the song HERE.


The Cool Kids- "Delivery Man"

This is a new song by the Chicago duo. I've been listening to this pair for about a year and a half now and I'm stoked to see what their full length "When Fish Ride Bicycles" has to offer.

For now I'll settle on their new single "Delivery Man" which you can download for free courtesy of Green Label Sounds.


MURS- Me and this Jawn

"Me and this Jawn" is the new track from Murs off of Murs for President.

Seriously I can't wait for the new album. I've been playing Sweet Lord everyday since it came out last month and it's getting me super hyped for Murs' major label debut.

You can stream the new song at HipHopDX


Download it HERE


False Start

This is officially my first post for this blog. Ignore the one prior to this one. Well if you read it in the first place, which you probably didn't. I will now use this blog to showcase my journey through this beautiful thing we call the "internet". So if I find anything "interesting", I will post it on here.

What does that mean?
That means you will probably be looking at tons of posts about underground hip hop artists, clothes I think look nice, youtube videos, and the occasional real life story. So if you like any of the things I am interested in, you are in luck my readers; all three of you.
I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.