note to self:

"I'm tired of fighting with the hand I've been dealt.

So, I take the cards they give me
And keep my protest on the inside of my mouth.
If the best I can do ain't gonna stop what's coming,
What's the point in trying to change how the hand plays out?

Don't we all just die?

fuckin' hate quoting lyrics


I've been watching a lot of arrested development lately. Best show of all time, don't care what you say. Psyched for the movie.

I'm in a funk. But times are changing. We'll see. *charlie brown walk


"I need a new nigga,
for this black cloud to follow..."


school started again blah blah blah blah. liking my motion graphics and web design class so far.


click click

last days of summer fuhhhhhhhhh


"and that's that"


don't really care much for dissizit but that bounty hunter collab is raw.

"This is the '90s. You can't just walk up and slap a guy, you have to say something cool first."

This pretty much sums up the whole film. So good. Bruce Willis ranks a 10 on the cool meter in this one and lines similar to the following one flow freely throughout:

Officer: Good morning, gentlemen. Is there a problem?
Milo: Yes, officer. As a matter of fact there is a problem. Apparently there are too many bullets in this gun.
[uses the gun to kill the officer]


Sayin that I cheat
Right, maybe with my heat
Got a pearl handled chrome thing that I call Sweets
I greet wit her, creep wit her, even eat wit her
Late nights under my sheets, yeah I sleep with her
But thats it


"Prefiero morir de pie que vivir de rodillas."
-Emiliano Zapata

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

Bawsse + Raf Saadiq
The little pre-chorus where they both sing goes hard. Overall, teflon don is a solid album.



Doneeeeeeeee. Finally done with this semester. The last two months fully kicked my ass. Ready to enjoy some well deserved rest.




school is kicking my ass. 7 projects due by june 2nd. Homework all day. Chain of Strength, Allegiance(/nh), Graf Orlock, and Slayer all weekend. fucking screwwwwwweeeeeddddd. Can't wait to get out of this mess. these messes.

At (definite) risk of calling the kettle black I have to say that I hate liars. Glass house, chucking boulders, yeah I know. I gave you so many chances to come clean. Shits becoming one big tired cliche and I've had more than my fill. Dunzo.

Can't believe I missed ron's game winner last night. fuck school.

J+J. No other dude currently in the game flows better. 3 years later and this still goes.


I'm 20! Someone shoot me for titling this post that way!  Another year down, another year older. Just as juvenile and immature as last year if you ask me. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Birthday weekend was real chill, best one in a while. Now back to work. The semester is coming to a close and there is a bunch of shit to do. words of advice;

In other news, my school's student art show is going on this month and the gallery reception/open house is this Friday, May 21st. Facebook peeps check out the event info right  HERE.  There will be food and music and you can check out some of my work and the work of my buds in the student gallery.They even used your boy's shitty piece to advertise this whole thingymajig. Cool! I'll be there and so will my goons so come by and stuff your face with cheese cubes and crackers and watch us spike the punch or something. Guaranteed to be tons (adequate amounts) of fun.


"confused by the rules, scorned by attitudes,
suppressed by manipulation, and destroyed by modern society." 

this whole arizona thing is bugging me. I just find it hard to understand. how can people still think this way? in this country? this fucking country? these fucking states? Specially now. Decades removed from japanese internment camps and Jim Crow. "History reshits itself". Just baffles me how some politicians either don't know the history of the state they run or just choose to blatantly ignore it. Whats wrong with people? This false sense of entitlement; get off it. it's their "destiny" to occupy land that their ancestors acquired in the most unnatural way. Just them. No one else. "You have to earn it. You are not worthy of living in a state that our ancestors bought stole from your ancestors. this is america now." Forget about legality, forget about compassion, learn your fucking history. I've never been one to share the "liberate aztlan" sentiments of MEcha or the various "RAZA" movements but I can't help but feel like they do have a point. Americans didnt settle these states. Mexico did. And with the exception of a few cases (Juan de Oñate), they did it in a more honorable way. How quickly they forget the hard work of the mestizo/afromestizo, native american, and indigenous mexican population's hard work to prime these states for america to run away with. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo has got to be one of the biggest steals in the history of mankind, ranking up there with the purchase of Manhattan and the Lakers' acquisition of Pau Gasol. 150 years later and look at whats going on here.

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.." My ass. I guess they don't have a south facing golden door, no lamp for lady liberty to lift here. Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing that illegal immigrants should own this land, i'm not saying these states still belong to the Mexica. I just want people to know what happened centuries ago and tell me this ain't some fucked up shit going on here. SB1070 is pure unadulterated racial profiling. Yeah they can sugarcoat it as much as they want but make no mistake about it, this is illegal and unconstitutional. The byproduct of wholesale demonizing, sb1070 is chockful of cultural bias and predisposition. Uhh HELLO, prop 187 anyone? Plyer v Doe? They can say that it was crafted to combat mexicant drug cartels, then why don't they target just the drug cartels? They're pooling a completely separate group of people who dont deserve to be sucked into this. Illegal mexican drug cartels ARE NOT the same fucking thing as undocumented workers. Get the fuck outta here Arizona. Yeah I'm mad, you should be too. This is bullshit right wing propaganda and people are eating it up. Way to set yourselves back 50 years. Sucks that we latinos/hispanics don't have a thundering unified voice. No Chuck D to send a a big "fuck you" to arizona this time. No Corky Gonzales. I dont know why we don't build a significant united front. Some say we lack an identity. (We are after all a hybrid race compromised of Spanish/anglo settlers, indigenous mexicans (mexica), and african slaves. Mix that all together and you pretty much get brown.) We need to stand up, legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and chicanos alike. Help out your brothers and sisters.
I think Bobby Hundreds did a great job in discussing this issue; "This country was built off the backs of immigrants, legal and illegal. Consider the European settlers who crash-landed the Mayflower, they were as undocumented and unwelcome as it got. We are all immigrants, we are all aliens, and we are all American. So why are some of us being treated differently?"

Here's a link to the bill http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070s.pdf . Make your own conclusions. Thanks for reading mine. I'm off it man. Makes me lose all hope in people sometimes. Fuck it. Just my .02.

Pac Div-Here We Go
I'm lacking structure. I need a third wind. I need more sleep. hectic. rabid. frenetic. business as usual I guess. I developed this technique in which I get rest in class while still being able to pay attention. It involves basically timing my sleepy head nods to dead periods during lectures. Not really a technique but it pays off. used to pay off. now im just tired. this whole no sleep thing is catching up to me. I'm not really taking advantage of the measly free time I can corral together. I've been slacking off lately and I couldn't be doing it at a worse time.

I found this picture on facebook a couple days ago and don't remember taking it at all. the fuck is wrong with me? At least it looks like im having fun.


I'm pretty sure I've thoroughly earned any and all misfortune that comes my way.
with that being said,

arizona sucks. rachel maddow does not.


Change man, you can't hate it. Lots has happened recently. Spring break rolled through and woke me the fuck up. Time away from the beast that is general responsibility was desperately in order. Great times. [*(Getty, people falling off a mountain, awkward moments, being one of the few that's still not 21, friends that live in houses all by themselves, forgetting to tell the host that you're bringing friends over, waiting til the last man turns 21, getting lost, salvia trips, rockband?, fixing the oven, wheelchairs are only fun when you don't need them, not remembering a whole day, laroux hair, skating, Hennessey + Ingalls, watching a building get demolished, lamento boliviano, that show at the griffith observatory, oncoming traffic, loud skating, not going to coachella, lab retrievers, being sick, girl(s) from hawaii, sleeping on couches, jack in the box not being a good idea, more skating, breaking the shower, being this close to pool weather, madness pt2, wrong starbucks, "tourguide", gone.)]

* chronological (maybe)

Life's getting interesting. Hopefully I can get out of this unscathed.

I've been listening to a lot of timber timbre lately. The new dom kennedy tape is alright. The new caribou is pretty good. Still listening to the local natives and little dragon albums. Haven't heard the new murs/9th album yet but I should be getting into that once I have time. I heard that the new devin the dude cd was great, I should dl that soon too.

In other news, Keith Elam aka GURU passed away the other day. This man was one of the main reasons I got back into hip hop in middle school. I still remember memorizing the first 2 verses of mass appeal in 7th grade. rest in power baldhead slick.
moment of truth

mass appeal

til next time..


week fourteen, year MMX:
people, new people, feeling overwhelmed by things I felt confident about before, second guessing ideas I felt were strong before, realizing I've been under-performing a lot lately, getting mad over silly things, old graff friends, (some) hardcore kids and their stupid blogs and ideologies and holier than thou attitudes, I could give a shit about all the shitty bands you've been in, teenage angst at 22, people who over conceptualize the simplest things, people with tons of options but no purpose, people who disclose their past/things they've done in a lackadaisical way when they really want to boast, people who make things hard on themselves, girls who are nice for no reason, fake ass people, pretty prose with no substance, people who are respected and respectful are the best, girls who know mitch hedberg jokes, people who care too much about what others think of them (we'reallguilty), drawing slightly better than mediocre figure drawings but not being able to draw anything else, perpetually surrounding myself with distractions I don't need or appreciate, speaking inordinately about oneself, people who think from the abstract, forever misspelling "talk" as "tlak", people who believe in me, people who are willing to pass their knowledge on to me.

In other news; I can't stop listening to this album, fuckin fantastic.
Local Natives - Airplanes


"The human mind delights in finding pattern—so much so that we often mistake coincidence or forced analogy for profound meaning. No other habit of thought lies so deeply within the soul of a small creature trying to make sense of a complex world not constructed for it."


Every time I hear this song it instantly takes me back to high school. [never thought it might vaguely apply]




So school started a month ago, or something like that, I've already lost track of time. 18 units again. Graphic Design/ Life Drawing 2/ Chicano Studies/ Ad Design 2/ Multimedia Design. Due dates upon due dates upon due dates. Concepts, thumbnails, roughs, presentations, crits, roughs, roughs, roughs, comps, prints, mounts. Repeat. Repeat x2. Repeat x∞ . Add outside jobs and a couple positions in clubs and I'm finding myself with less and less free time. I'm actually 'sposed to be typing a write up for a poster and working on type solutions for ads right now. But even with the sudden barrage of work I'm doing fine. It actually doesn't bother me much. It's exciting. Soaking up everything I can with no cup to put it in. Learning while teaching others around me. Or at least trying. Feels good. Finally dropping good shit in my portfolio. Am I where I want to be? hell no. I can't even begin to dream about that yet (I don't think I dream about anything actually). My laurels are too weak(nonexistent) to support my weight. If someone sprayed success under my nose I wouldn't be able to smell it. but I think I might actually get there. well at least some day. well hopefully. well wherever that is. For now I just have to keep going. no stopping. progressing. I'm exponentially better than I was half a year ago and I don't plan on slowing down.

I swear I don't know how to give up. I'm not sure if that's a good thing tho.

One of my professors re-introduced me to TED talks. those are great. I often spend an hour or two on their site watching those. I'm going up to art center in a couple weeks to try to hustle my way in. This should be interesting.


       Sebastien Tellier!



I've been listening to these songs a lot this last week.
Lupe fiasco- I'm Beamin'


clarity>bleed american>>>

school starts next week. hopefully my last semester at el caminoooo. kinda psyched for art classes.


what I've been listening to these last couple of weeks.

I know no one cares what the fuck I listen to but I'm just gonna go ahead and post both of these albums anyways because:
A)I do what I want. It's my blog. >=O
2)It's great music.
D)It's free music. (who doesn't love free music? GREAT free music on top'a that.)
sixteen)These guys are both relatively unknown, one more than the other, so any kind of exposure can help.

First off is Blu's GODlee Barnes LP. Super talented MC/producer. He released this as one long ass mp3 and the sound quality is pretty shitty because I guess he lost the master tapes and decided to just release it anyways for the fuck of it. Most of the tracks were released in the past year or 2 so this is kind of a compilation of some of his recent material. Anyways I found a version with separated tracks but the sound quality is still pretty low. Regardless the music is still top notch so go ahead and download if you want here.

Blu-Spanish Winter (the beat on this song is slightly altered and includes extra sounds on the album version, but you get the idea)

Blu feat. Myth & Definite - It's Okay (Pt. I)

Next up is Tyler, the creator. I've been peeping this guy and the whole odd future camp for a while now and last month he released his Bastard album. 18 year old kid, writes his own lyrics, does his own beats, makes his own cover art. Mad talented, mad weird. Very creative stuff. Download his shit here.
Tyler, the Creator - VCR/Wheels
I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.