Change man, you can't hate it. Lots has happened recently. Spring break rolled through and woke me the fuck up. Time away from the beast that is general responsibility was desperately in order. Great times. [*(Getty, people falling off a mountain, awkward moments, being one of the few that's still not 21, friends that live in houses all by themselves, forgetting to tell the host that you're bringing friends over, waiting til the last man turns 21, getting lost, salvia trips, rockband?, fixing the oven, wheelchairs are only fun when you don't need them, not remembering a whole day, laroux hair, skating, Hennessey + Ingalls, watching a building get demolished, lamento boliviano, that show at the griffith observatory, oncoming traffic, loud skating, not going to coachella, lab retrievers, being sick, girl(s) from hawaii, sleeping on couches, jack in the box not being a good idea, more skating, breaking the shower, being this close to pool weather, madness pt2, wrong starbucks, "tourguide", gone.)]

* chronological (maybe)

Life's getting interesting. Hopefully I can get out of this unscathed.

I've been listening to a lot of timber timbre lately. The new dom kennedy tape is alright. The new caribou is pretty good. Still listening to the local natives and little dragon albums. Haven't heard the new murs/9th album yet but I should be getting into that once I have time. I heard that the new devin the dude cd was great, I should dl that soon too.

In other news, Keith Elam aka GURU passed away the other day. This man was one of the main reasons I got back into hip hop in middle school. I still remember memorizing the first 2 verses of mass appeal in 7th grade. rest in power baldhead slick.
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mass appeal

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