These last couple of days have been great. I really enjoyed this well-deserved break. I got to hang with my main buds, got to see some other friends I hadn't seen in a couple of months, hung out with the family, and I got to laugh a lot. Funny how simple things like laughter can really make your day. Lately I had been swamped with homework and these couple of days off were a much-welcomed change of pace.

Anyways, a week back I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This is like the bijillionth time going but I always enjoy that museum. Just seeing all the new exhibits really inspires me to create something. It just really makes me want to create my own art. I really enjoyed the Vanity Fair photography exhibit. They had some really majestic photographs. These are just some pics I took of things I found interesting.

Now I have to catch up on all the homework I was supposed to do these past couple of days. Goodbye.


about time...


bout to get my layer-steez on bitches.


I hate homework. I got about 3 pages left on this essay and then I can finally relax.



I found this site through a hypecrew thread. (which I have been on way too much lately.)

This guy is crazy with photoshop.
czech it out.


fucking fires....

it's so effing hot. 90 degrees!

Oh well check out 88-key's new album, The Death of Adam.
I'ts awesome.
I really love this video too.




So Double-O from Kidz in the Hall pointed out an astute similarity between the gummy bear song and Yeezy's "Love Lockdown" via Murs' kyte player.

Did Kanye jack the melody from this song?
You decide.


It's nothing to hide, you wear them with pride. And If you got them, then you gotta swing them side to side

I want some dreadlocks.
But some cool ones.
Like not long but not short.
I dunno, I don't want no Basquiat dreads or some Lenny Kravitz dreads. Or some hyphy bay area shits. Or some Mr.Lif dreads.(ewww)
I guess the ideal dreads would be some Zack De La Rocha dreads. But tied in the back.
I guess dreads are a big thing, you can't half ass them
So basically no to this:

Yes to this:

But I don't think I could pull them off.
I would just look too weird with them.
Never mind, I don't want dreads.

About to head out to hang with my niggas.



I was on myspace yesterday and I saw this ad.

About time some good music gets advertised on myspace.

13534805345 times better than that Soulja Boy bullshit.
I gotta admit though that I kinda dig his new song. Shit is hilarious.
Turn my swag onnnnnnnn......

Oh did you guys hear what he said about slave masters?
I kinda feel embarrassed for him.

But then, not really.
Well I gotta go, my room reeks of swag now. Bout to turn the swag off a bit.
YEahhhhhhhh, get moneyyyyYYyyyyyYyyY.


Did anyone else see this yesterday?

Beam me up sonnn.



I hate being sick.
I hate long lines.
I hate taking tests.
I hate being st00pid and awkward and not saying the right things.
I hate a lot of things.

One thing I don't hate is

I hope Obama wins. If he doesn't win, I'm sure a lot of people would be pissed.
Really pissed. If people get pissed off enough, I think I'll be hitting up the "sales" at Guitar Center and Supreme, the Hundreds, and Alife on Fairfax. I'll also try to stop by Best Buy to pick up a couple things.
100% off yo!

Hahahaha, I wouldn't do that.

Or would I?

hahaha, peace out.


It's the first of the monthhhhhhhh

Can you believe it's already November?
Crazy how time flies.

I had quite the adventure last night.
Well, what I can remember from it.
All I can recall was going to Amanda's house for the party, loud music, alcohol, an angel, a nurse, some more alcohol, Wonderwoman, Christian Bale drinking brewskies right next to me,a police woman, 12 trips to the bathroom, the REAL cops, drama, vomit, drama, funny ass Amanda, a stranger's car, the Chronic 2001, and then home. I had a great time.
Queen Mary tonight! Woohoo!

Oh yeah, almost forgot.
I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.