just another day vol 2

EBAY. I love it. I hate it. So here I am thinking I'm getting a leather jacket for dirt cheap only for it to be stolen from me in the last minute. FML.

School is going swell. Meeting new people is cool and the work doesn't seem like something I can't handle. I love how my art classes are getting quite exciting. Now I can interact with people that have very similar interests and ideas as me. cool beans.

I found this cool article on my favorite rapper at the moment, BLU.
Congrats to blu on getting signed to a major label. Hopefully more people will start acknowledging how talented this guy is.

So I just barely got around to check Supreme's spring season preview, and I have to say; this has got to be one of their best seasons yet. Incredible pieces.
Check it out here.

I got really bored this morning so I decided to make a quick video showcasing my extreme vocal talents. Hope you guys enjoy it. Peace.



Week 1 of semester 2 is oficially over. That had to be the longest 3 day week ever.
Anyways, the video for Day'n'Nite finally came out today. This song has been out for like a year now and the video just came out. the fuckkkk? It's a great video, SO-ME never disappoints. NEVER! I don't think I've ever seen a lame video by him, actually all his videos have been fantastic, this one being no exception.

Also, download BLU's new mixtape; HerFavouriteColo(u)r
Very dope. Rhymes by blu AND beats by blu. He samples dialog from Closer with Clive Owen, wow, kinda odd but funny nonetheless.

one more thinggggg
Where's waldo?

I don't even remember this.hahahaha.



back to school.

Back to school time. The only thing I hate about college is that starting a new semester is like starting a brand new year. New schedule, new books, and new teachers. I also get to meet new classmates so it's not all bad. At least I had a decent weekend. Now it's time to hit the books/art supplies. I have like 3 art classes, so how hard could it be? I hope I'm not wrong on this one.

I have nothing else to say, sooooo...


boredom kills.

bldatttt bldattttttttt

Check out the nifty little music player I added a couple days ago. ---->
Just click on the arrows for the next song.



Winter session ended today. Yesssssss * cue chorus from George Michael's Freedom. Now I only have 1 week left before real school starts. FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU

I think I'm going to start drawing again. Hopefully I'll come up with some cool things to show you guys. I've also decided to start losing weight. 6 pounds by March? Yes. I'm trying to lose those holiday pounds while building lean muscle. Now you may be asking yourself; how can Carlos get any more muscular? I found it hard to believe it myself but it seems that I am no longer the jacked up guy I was back in 07. (see picture) I've been getting lazy and It's time for me to get back in shape. If you were wondering, YES, that really was me two years ago, except I got rid of those nipple rings.

oh yes, KAWS is gonna be at the Honor Fraser Gallery in L.A. later this month and I'm really excited about that. Hopefully I'll be able to attend. this guy is nothing short of amazing.


Just another day.

I saw this a while back on BOOOOOOOM.com. It's a piece by Steven Harrington. I'm posting this because not only is it really neat, it reminds me of a piece I started a while back. I never got to finish it but seeing this makes me want to go back and add some more to mine. When I do I'll be sure to post it here.

I kinda regret posting this now because mine SUCKS. hahahaha.
1 more day left in winter session. WOOT WOOT Hallelujah Holla back.


P.O.S.- Drumroll

Minneapolis rapper, P.O.S., part of Doomtree and Rhymesayers Crew, recently released his new album; Never Better. Crititcs are already hailing it as the best hip-hop album of 09. While he has definitely stepped up his lyrical skills since 06's the Audition, i don't think it will be the best album of the year when December rolls around. Overall a good album.
Check him out on myspace.



This was the scene outside my window last week. This happens kinda often but I thought it would be cool to photograph it for once... and then Photoshop the shit out of it.
My flickr Pro account expired a couple days ago. I don't even need one but just the fact that knowing my photostream will only include my last 200 photos (I don't have 200 photos)and that I can only upload 3 sets (I don't have any sets) irks me. Someone give me 25 dollars pleeez.

Oh yeah this website is full of WIN, or lose, either way it feels good knowing that someone out there had a worse day than me.
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