Week 1 of semester 2 is oficially over. That had to be the longest 3 day week ever.
Anyways, the video for Day'n'Nite finally came out today. This song has been out for like a year now and the video just came out. the fuckkkk? It's a great video, SO-ME never disappoints. NEVER! I don't think I've ever seen a lame video by him, actually all his videos have been fantastic, this one being no exception.

Also, download BLU's new mixtape; HerFavouriteColo(u)r
Very dope. Rhymes by blu AND beats by blu. He samples dialog from Closer with Clive Owen, wow, kinda odd but funny nonetheless.

one more thinggggg
Where's waldo?

I don't even remember this.hahahaha.

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