For the last couple of hours I've been watching the Goosebumps marathon on Cartoon Network. Man, that show is actually pretty good. I can't believe I used to be scared of it when I was little, it's actually pretty captivating. The one I'm watching right now has Hayden Christensen in it, and his uncle in the show looks like my old english teacher Mr.Smith.

About to head off to a costume party, I hope it doesn't rain.
Next year I want to go trick or treating. But somewhere nice like Hollywood or Palo$ Verde$. I hear they give out crazy treats there. I hope I'm not too old next year. I remember being little and seeing the older kids trick-or-treating and thinking they were pretty lame for trying to steal my candy. Well, Ill end it here, Goosebumps is back on.


sick day

How ironic is it that I get an allergic reaction after using a prescription strength acne medication?

So I took some benadryl yesterday at around 6 o'clock. Soon after I took a nap and I barely woke up right now.

Anyways, today is free taco day at Taco Bell.
Check it out.

Someone go get me some tacos, I can't go out in public!
I look like Elephant Man, and I'm not talking about the Jamaican rapper.


Massive Weekend?

I went to Monster Massive yesterday with the friends. I had a great time. Crazy night/morning. Lots of fun.

Today I have to finish my marriage essay, study for a math test, and finish my drawing mid-term.
Not really excited for this.


People Under the Stairs- The Wiz

I love everything about this song.
It's off their new album "Fun DMC". I can just lay back and relax when I hear any of their songs, it's kinda therapeutic. I suggest you get it, one of the best albums of the year.
Check out their myspace.


Buy for me.

These are included in the new Air Jordan Countdown Pack. They come alongside the all black Jordan XX's but those are hideous.

Heck, I'd be happy with just the old red colorway.



Stable Patients- "The Audio Canal"

Stable Patients is a progressive/experimental band from Southern California.
I've had the vocal-less version of this song for a couple of months and I was stoked to find out that they had released a video with vocals for this song.
Check them out on myspace.


On my wishlist:ALIFE Everybody Mid Pro

These are beautiful.
Anybody got 220 dollars I can borrow?


FUCK Matt Stairs.

Seriously, you and your Phillies made my crappy day even worse. Asshole.
You too Victorino.


windy day

I love cold weather.
I went out skating today and it was actually a bit chilly. I have to practice because yesterday some little kid challenged me to a game of skate. He put this little front saying that he couldn't skate and that he sucked and all that shit, so when he asked me , I was like "I don't want to embarrass this sucker", but I accepted anyways.

So we start and then this little bitch starts busting tre flips, and I'm like "what the fuck!". I couldn't even land anything and when I managed to finally nail an ugly-ass varial kickflip, this motherfucker lands a perfect one. He dominated me completely. He's pulling out nollie heelflips and the best I could do was a nollie 180. The end result:

lying ass bitch: S
Carlos: S-K-A-T-E

I am in dire need of skills.


Murs- Can It Be

Murs for President.

U.N.I- Soul Hop

I love this song.


weird day.

Today was a pretty weird day. It started off like any other normal Tuesday. I woke up, went to school, went to my classes, checked out the transfer fair, then got ready to go home. As I'm leaving I see the homie Jon. He tells me that Keek was gonna krump battle some dude during lunch at Narbonne and if I wanted to go. So I say that I would check it out. Right when I get home, I meet up with Keek, Kevin and their friend Vince. We drive over to Vince's house to pick up some speakers, then to the barbershop so that Kevin can get his hair cut, and then finally over to Narbonne. There we met up with Jon and Kahana and wait for the Hip-hop club teacher to let us into campus. It felt weird going back to Narbonne. It seemed like everything changed. There's all these little kids running around, some construction, and the table where I used to hang out is filled with a whole bunch of little girls. It's kind of bitter-sweet because it's the school that I used to go to and know so well, but it's all different you know? I felt so out of place.

So then the battle goes down. Keek kills the little kid. Kevin goes off. Vince goes off. Good times. Lunch ends and we get ready to pack up the shit. We say goodbye to Keek since he was kinda late for his class over at Long Beach. By the time we finish packing up the equipment, (Somewhere around this time I lose track of Kevin and Vince) class had started so we couldn't leave school until the end of the period. So we chill in B10 for a while. The bell rings. We say goodbye to Jon and then Kahana and I head towards the bus. I jump on the bus, (Some where around this time I lose Kahana) and to my surprise I see Doug and some other friends in there. Crazy! I miss all of my acadec buds.

So that has been my day so far. Pretty eventful because if I hadn't seen Jon, I would have probably gotten home and napped for like 10 hours straight. Now I gotta clean my room, read Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies, work on my essay on the Elgin Marbles, and do stooopid math homework. Goodbye.



This is amazing.


friday night

I just finished watching the N.W.A documentary on VH1. Shit, they were revolutionary. It was a really good program on the "World's Most Dangerous Group". Now I'm on Itunes listening to all their bangers. Good night.


random post

Some dude got shot outside my house today.
It's weird because I usually take out the trash, but I was taking a nap so my Mom did it for me today. When I woke up, there's cops outside so I asked my mom what happened. Turns out when she was taking out the trash, she saw some dudes running. Couple moments later, cops show up, stop some other dude, around my age, maybe younger. Turns out this dude had a gun or some shit.
I don't want to get into details since I'm a strict follower of the Cam'ron code, but fuck, I could have been out there when that happened. Imagine that. It sure would have made my day a lot more interesting. I haven't seen some "COPS" shit go down since August when a cop started yelling at some bald headed Mexican dude wearing baggy jeans standing right next to me on the corner. Poor dude had to go through the whole "put your hands where I can see them" routine in front of some chick he was trying to impress. Good thing I had my 511 levi's and George Clooney Caesar on that day, or I would have been fondled like a bitch.
I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.