For the last couple of hours I've been watching the Goosebumps marathon on Cartoon Network. Man, that show is actually pretty good. I can't believe I used to be scared of it when I was little, it's actually pretty captivating. The one I'm watching right now has Hayden Christensen in it, and his uncle in the show looks like my old english teacher Mr.Smith.

About to head off to a costume party, I hope it doesn't rain.
Next year I want to go trick or treating. But somewhere nice like Hollywood or Palo$ Verde$. I hear they give out crazy treats there. I hope I'm not too old next year. I remember being little and seeing the older kids trick-or-treating and thinking they were pretty lame for trying to steal my candy. Well, Ill end it here, Goosebumps is back on.
I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.