just another day vol 2

EBAY. I love it. I hate it. So here I am thinking I'm getting a leather jacket for dirt cheap only for it to be stolen from me in the last minute. FML.

School is going swell. Meeting new people is cool and the work doesn't seem like something I can't handle. I love how my art classes are getting quite exciting. Now I can interact with people that have very similar interests and ideas as me. cool beans.

I found this cool article on my favorite rapper at the moment, BLU.
Congrats to blu on getting signed to a major label. Hopefully more people will start acknowledging how talented this guy is.

So I just barely got around to check Supreme's spring season preview, and I have to say; this has got to be one of their best seasons yet. Incredible pieces.
Check it out here.

I got really bored this morning so I decided to make a quick video showcasing my extreme vocal talents. Hope you guys enjoy it. Peace.
I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.