I'm 20! Someone shoot me for titling this post that way!  Another year down, another year older. Just as juvenile and immature as last year if you ask me. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Birthday weekend was real chill, best one in a while. Now back to work. The semester is coming to a close and there is a bunch of shit to do. words of advice;

In other news, my school's student art show is going on this month and the gallery reception/open house is this Friday, May 21st. Facebook peeps check out the event info right  HERE.  There will be food and music and you can check out some of my work and the work of my buds in the student gallery.They even used your boy's shitty piece to advertise this whole thingymajig. Cool! I'll be there and so will my goons so come by and stuff your face with cheese cubes and crackers and watch us spike the punch or something. Guaranteed to be tons (adequate amounts) of fun.

I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.