school is kicking my ass. 7 projects due by june 2nd. Homework all day. Chain of Strength, Allegiance(/nh), Graf Orlock, and Slayer all weekend. fucking screwwwwwweeeeeddddd. Can't wait to get out of this mess. these messes.

At (definite) risk of calling the kettle black I have to say that I hate liars. Glass house, chucking boulders, yeah I know. I gave you so many chances to come clean. Shits becoming one big tired cliche and I've had more than my fill. Dunzo.

Can't believe I missed ron's game winner last night. fuck school.

J+J. No other dude currently in the game flows better. 3 years later and this still goes.

I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.