what I've been listening to these last couple of weeks.

I know no one cares what the fuck I listen to but I'm just gonna go ahead and post both of these albums anyways because:
A)I do what I want. It's my blog. >=O
2)It's great music.
D)It's free music. (who doesn't love free music? GREAT free music on top'a that.)
sixteen)These guys are both relatively unknown, one more than the other, so any kind of exposure can help.

First off is Blu's GODlee Barnes LP. Super talented MC/producer. He released this as one long ass mp3 and the sound quality is pretty shitty because I guess he lost the master tapes and decided to just release it anyways for the fuck of it. Most of the tracks were released in the past year or 2 so this is kind of a compilation of some of his recent material. Anyways I found a version with separated tracks but the sound quality is still pretty low. Regardless the music is still top notch so go ahead and download if you want here.

Blu-Spanish Winter (the beat on this song is slightly altered and includes extra sounds on the album version, but you get the idea)

Blu feat. Myth & Definite - It's Okay (Pt. I)

Next up is Tyler, the creator. I've been peeping this guy and the whole odd future camp for a while now and last month he released his Bastard album. 18 year old kid, writes his own lyrics, does his own beats, makes his own cover art. Mad talented, mad weird. Very creative stuff. Download his shit here.
Tyler, the Creator - VCR/Wheels
I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.