So school started a month ago, or something like that, I've already lost track of time. 18 units again. Graphic Design/ Life Drawing 2/ Chicano Studies/ Ad Design 2/ Multimedia Design. Due dates upon due dates upon due dates. Concepts, thumbnails, roughs, presentations, crits, roughs, roughs, roughs, comps, prints, mounts. Repeat. Repeat x2. Repeat x∞ . Add outside jobs and a couple positions in clubs and I'm finding myself with less and less free time. I'm actually 'sposed to be typing a write up for a poster and working on type solutions for ads right now. But even with the sudden barrage of work I'm doing fine. It actually doesn't bother me much. It's exciting. Soaking up everything I can with no cup to put it in. Learning while teaching others around me. Or at least trying. Feels good. Finally dropping good shit in my portfolio. Am I where I want to be? hell no. I can't even begin to dream about that yet (I don't think I dream about anything actually). My laurels are too weak(nonexistent) to support my weight. If someone sprayed success under my nose I wouldn't be able to smell it. but I think I might actually get there. well at least some day. well hopefully. well wherever that is. For now I just have to keep going. no stopping. progressing. I'm exponentially better than I was half a year ago and I don't plan on slowing down.

I swear I don't know how to give up. I'm not sure if that's a good thing tho.

One of my professors re-introduced me to TED talks. those are great. I often spend an hour or two on their site watching those. I'm going up to art center in a couple weeks to try to hustle my way in. This should be interesting.

I'm Carlos, a 19 year old design student from Torrance, California.