Can't keep running awayyyyy

So yesterday at school I got the most undeniable urge to listen to "Runnin'" by the Pharcyde. I don't know why it happened. I was just in the library and the chorus just creeped into my head and I HAD to listen to the song. Surprisingly it was in my Ipod which is very strange because I don't remember ever downloading it. Fatlip and Tre's verses are crazy, goddman I love that song.

So MF Doom's....err, I mean DOOM's new album, Born Into This, leaked recently on the web. If you've never heard any of DOOM's material, you are missing out. Many people call him an "acquired taste" but once you take the third bite, you are hooked forever. This guy is a genius and the new album is nothing short of perfect. In my opinion it's way better than MM...FOOD? and on par with Madvillainy. Born Into This hits stores on March 24th.

Also Check out Kid Cudi on Carson Daly's show.

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