Go ahead and watch this video if you have 10 free minutes to spend and don't have a hefty object within grabbing distance that you might be urged to hurl at your monitor. I say this because listening to Pat Buchanan's blemished logic might just make you want to lob obscenities at your computer and tear your hair from its roots. Just knowing that some people in this country still hold sentiments of this kind really makes people wonder; how far have we come?
Poor Ms.Maddow sensed that Pat Buchanan was about to fire a shot at Sotomayor so she decided to swiftly change the subject of the conversation to affirmative action. Unfortunately for her this only diverted Pat's nescience to a broader subject and didn't spare us from catching quite possibly one of the most awkward dialogues in recent history. I sure am glad Rachel ripped him a new one. I know she's off limits for my end of the spectrum but she sure did look mighty spicy in this clip. wowzzers me-ow
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