Me and Zoloft Get Along Just Fine

Shortly after releasing my favorite album of 2007, Dance Gavin Dance dropped their singer Jonny Craig. They shortly replaced him with Kurt Travis and went into the studio to record their sophomore album. I really like this video and their new material but I really miss their old singer (who is now in Emarosa). Well, both of their old vocalists since their screamer Jonathan Mess had to leave due to a medical condition. I know Will is a great guy but since I know his voice isn't the one on the video, his parts look a bit out of place for me. I guess I just miss all their old members since only Will and their drummer were on the first record. Don't you just hate that, when you really like a band but they just can't seem to stay together? I mean, sheesh, two vocalists, a guitarist and the bassist all left the band in like an 8 month time-span. They're still pretty cool guys so I'll end my rant here. Anyways, the video is beautiful so without further ado, here it is.

Well, I gotta go study for finals and finish my research paper.
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